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Rigenforte Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Rigenforte Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

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Shampoo with natural components with a nourishing, strengthening and redensifying action, rich in specific principles for the prevention of the hair weakening process. Rigenforte shampoo is an integral part of the Rigenforte hair loss treatment. Indicated for fine and brittle hair, it gives volume, tone and hydration to the hair fiber damaged by sun, wind, smog, dyes. Rigenforte Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo contains a mixture of effective but delicate surfactants: they cleanse the hair in depth, but in a non-aggressive way, also allowing frequent use. Creates a soft foam that produces a pleasant sensation of perfect cleansing, easy to rinse.
With the innovative Biotinax Technology developed by ESI, which exploits the action of 3 functional principles: Biotin, Methionine and Cystine.
The clinical test, conducted in collaboration with an Italian university for 3 months on 20 subjects (men and women) with baldness problems, showed that the combined use of Rigenforte Ampoules Urto and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo leads to a reduction in sebum production, of flaking, irritation of the scalp and hair loss, favoring regrowth and thickening.

How to use

Apply to wet scalp and hair, massage gently; leave on for 1 minute then rinse with plenty of warm water. Use in combination with the Rigenforte Fiale shock treatment. Use can also be daily.

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