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Revox B77

Revox B77 PLEX Bond Repairing Oil. Step 7

Revox B77 PLEX Bond Repairing Oil. Step 7

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The 7th step of the advanced REVOX B77 PLEX Hair Rebuilding System. This concentrated yet lightweight oil is created to provide hair with the ultimate salon-like luxurious silky finish. It repairs the damaged hair structure, reducing the risk of further breakage and split ends, and minimizes frizz without weighing down the hair. The Oil promotes color vibrancy of dyed hair for a glossy and smooth appearance. It boosts the shine and liveliness of compromised hair. By strengthening and protecting the strands, detangles and makes them easily manageable. Used before heat styling, it helps protect hair from the hot air and styling tools contributing to a faster, more efficient blow-dry. Used on dry hair, it provides protection from external aggressive factors and leaves it looking healthy and strong. The hair is lavishly smoother and silkier after the first use.

30 ml 


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