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Frezyderm Sensitive Red Skin Facial Cream 50 ml

Frezyderm Sensitive Red Skin Facial Cream 50 ml

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This award-winning soft cream regulates and reverses the symptoms of rosacea and sensitive irritated skin. The formula’s active ingredients reduce the appearance of redness, spider veins, inflammation, blackheads and swelling. The cream provides hydration, while enhancing the skin’s protective barrier and activating the function of the skin. It soothes and relieves irritated skin leaving it feeling elastic and comfortable. Its anti-acne, anti-wrinkle and antioxidant properties mean it is suitable for all ages


Skin with rosacea, Sensitive, irritated skin, All ages

Skin Type: 

Sensitive skin


Apply to a clean, dry skin, face and neck each morning and evening.


Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 | Fukinolic acid, Glycosaminoglycans | Algae, Anti-acne agent, Hydroxyproline


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