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Clearblue Conception Indicator

Clearblue Conception Indicator

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This Clearblue pregnancy test is the first and only home test that is as accurate as an ultrasound scan when dating your pregnancy. Containing a Smart Dual Sensor that lets you know in words if you are pregnant, or not pregnant, and also how many weeks it has been since conception. The conception indicator is 92% accurate in detecting when you conceived. The Clearblue tests can be used up to 4 days before your period is due.


Remove the test stick from the foil wrapper and remove the blue cap. Use the test stick immediately. Place the absorbant sampler into urine stream for 5 seconds OR place the absorbant sampler downwards into a urine sample for 20 seconds. When the wait symbol appears, the test is working. After 3 minutes your resuts will display.

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