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Bioderma Sensibio Defensive Serum

Bioderma Sensibio Defensive Serum

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An eco-biological response for sensitive and sensitised skin, DEFENSIVE TECHNOLOGY and Fucose polymer give to the skin the power to defend itself against the phenomenon of Inflamm’ageing.

They act on the various roots at the origin of sensitive skin and premature aging and limit the consequences by stopping the vicious circle responsible for the exacerbation of sensitive skin and skin ageing.

- Protective action: carnosine, vitamin E present a powerful antioxidant activity to protect the skin against aggressions.

- Strengthening action: tetrapeptide-10 leads to an effective recovery of the epidermis thanks to the production of key elements of the barrier function. Together with fucose polymer, they improve the resistance.

- Double soothing action: red sage polyphenols limit the hyper-reactivity of the skin and inflammation induced by pollution (neurogenic and induced inflammation). Fucose polymer completes the action for an immediate and long-term action to prevent chronic inflammation (neurogenic inflammation).

Developed to support the skin on a daily basis in the management of its sensitivity, Sensibio Defensive Serum helps slow down the premature ageing.

How to use:

Apply morning and evening to face and neck after cleansing ideally with a Sensibio hygiene product

  • STEP 1Cleanse your skin ideally with a Sensibio hygiene product
  • STEP 2Gently massage until absorbed
  • STEP 3Apply your daily Defensive cream
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