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Alfa Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba

Alfa Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba

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Formula with the combination of Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. These plants are of great value in the tradition of natural medicine for its qualities that promote healthy cardiovascular system and functions related to blood flow.

This plant, of which there are several species in America, Europe and Asia, is familiar to the American populations for its use as an herbal remedy in health care.
Research on Ginseng suggests that it could act as a stimulant for physical and mental activity. This benefit occurs as an effect of the substances contained in Ginseng, which allow using fatty acids as an energy source. Thus, there is a greater use of glycogen that cells need in the tissue of muscle and liver.
The benefits of Ginseng for energy production and blood circulation help to maintain a healthy condition of the cardiovascular system, including the functions of the brain and muscles.

Ginkgo Biloba
Native to China, Ginkgo has spread in the warm climates around the world. The extract of this plant is one of the most known natural remedies for its ability to assist in improving blood oxygenation in the tissues. This benefit supports cardiovascular functions.
The combination of Ginseng with Ginkgo Biloba provides a formula that combines the qualities of both plants recognized since ancient times to help preserve or improve healthy condition despite aging.

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