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Aderma Phys-AC Hydra 40 ml

Aderma Phys-AC Hydra 40 ml

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Phys-AC Hydra moisturises, soothes and compensates for the effects of treatments that dry out skin. Specially formulated for skin made fragile by drying and irritating treatments. Immediate & long-lasting moisturising thanks to the gradual release of active ingredients. Limits excessive desquamation and feelings of tautness*. Rich in compensating moisturising agents that provide comfort and restore the skin's balance. Permits the application of make-up.


This cream can soothe the skin.
Gently moisturize the skin.
Compensate the effects of drying treatment.


Apply morning and/or evening on the face previously cleansed with a purifying foaming gel or a purifying micellar water.

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