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Aderma Phys-AC Global 40 ml

Aderma Phys-AC Global 40 ml

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Phys-AC Global is a complete care product that benefits skin in two ways: skin avoids exposure to a high dose of active ingredients released all at once, and it enjoys long-lasting moisturising and comfort. Tolerance is optimised. This care product removes excess sebum, limits the adhesion of bacteria, (P.Acnes)*, soothes and minimises redness linked to irritation, exfoliates and removes deposits from pores. In addition, compensating moisturising agents provide comfort and restore the skin's balance.


2 in 1, the cream moisturizes the skin without greasing it for maximum comfort.
Delicate fragrance High mattifying power thanks to the presence of micro-sebum absorbing beads.
Clinically tested, after 6 weeks of use:
Black points -61%
Inflammatory buttons -32%
Excess of sebum -36%
Result: the complexion is brighter, mattified, and imperfections diminished

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