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Lazartigue Nourish 2 in 1

Lazartigue Nourish 2 in 1

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In a single step, this 2-in-1 balm, in a 150ml format, gently cleanses dry hair while intensely nourishing it. Its non-foaming formula, composed of 93% natural ingredients, respects the hair fiber and deeply nourishes it with its creamy texture based on shea butter and babassu. Gently washed, your hair is nourished, soft, and more manageable. Ideal for regular use, dry hair and curly hair.

Gentle cleansing – Softens the fiber – Redefines curls

Its creamy texture generously blends with the hair, providing them with softness and comfort without weighing them down. Its delightfully indulgent fragrance highlights notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

Sulfate-free - Silicone-free - Vegan
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