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Lazartigue Color Protect Mask

Lazartigue Color Protect Mask

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This mask boosts and prolongs the radiance of colored hair thanks to a concentrate of protective botanical active ingredients. Rich in natural antioxidants, its 92% vegan formula of natural origin, fixes the pigments at the heart of the fiber while intensely hydrating it thanks to camellia oil and Aquaxyl TM, a highly hydrating plant active ingredient. From the first applications, the color regains its intensity and the hair is nourished, supple and more resistant. Colored hair radiant with health.

Fixes and prolongs the color - Boosts radiance - Intense hydration - Restorative action

Its ultra-concentrated and creamy texture instantly permeates the hair fiber. On application, it offers a trail with notes of geranium, white wood and iris.

Sulphate-free - Silicone-free - Phenoxyethanol-free - Mineral oil-free - No artificial colors - Vegan - 100% Made in France

Yuka rating: GOOD - 50/100

Lazartigue treatments always favor the effectiveness of the best natural ingredients. At 92% of natural origin, the Color Protect mask contains, in very low concentration, a system of stabilizers to preserve the formula over time and hair conditioners to detangle the hair. The presence of natural essential oils, carefully chosen by the best botanist perfumers of Grasse, also explains this Yuka note, their molecules being sometimes considered as allergenic. None of these ingredients are controversial and all are rigorously dosed to provide the most respectful formula for your hair and scalp.

The colorations , whether permanent or semi-permanent, alter the structure of the hair fibers. When washed, under the effect of water and heat, their weakened scales rise further, allowing pigments to escape and moisture to penetrate. Results ? The hair becomes porous, brittle and the color bleeds over shampooing.

After coloring, it is therefore necessary to use expert care which prolongs the radiance of the color and preserves the structure of the weakened fibers.

This ultra-concentrated mask prevents tarnishing and drying out of colored hair thanks to the power of three protective active ingredients of natural origin. The botanical antioxidants extracted from the camellia flower protect the pigments from washing and other external aggressions such as the sun or brushing. Aquaxyl TM , an active ingredient derived from sugar, maintains an optimal hydration level of hair cells. Camellia oil nourishes and repairs the structure of fibers weakened by often abrasive coloring techniques. From the first application, the intensity of the color is prolonged and reinforced. The hair is hydrated, soft and radiant, without a "rough" effect.

Visible results from the 1st month of use:

100%: the hair is nourished *

90%: the hair color is radiant *
86%: the color is prolonged
* Use test,% satisfaction on 22 volunteers for 4 weeks, application 2 to 3 times per week.


Its vegan formula is sulfate-free, silicone-free, phenoxyethanol-free, mineral oil-free, free from artificial colors, vegan and 100% Made in France.

To provide instant radiance, most treatmentsfor colored hair contain silicones which act as a light reflecting film which arises on the surface of the hair. This illusion of shine is temporary and can damage the hair over time. In fact, silicone is an occlusive molecule that prevents moisturizing agents from penetrating into the heart of the fiber. Over time, the hair eventually becomes dry, dull and brittle. To truly hydrate the hair and give it real shine, especially if it is colored, a gentle treatment without silicone and without sulphate, is the best alternative. The Color Protect mask formula contains botanical camellia oil instead of silicone as well as a quartet of non-sulfated surfactants from coconut to cleanse colored hair without further weakening it.

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