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Selenium Ace D

Selenium Ace D

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Advancis® Selenium ACE D is a food supplement with selenium, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid and vitamins, especially designed to protect the cells against unwanted oxidation, to promote skin health and bones and to help in the smooth functioning of the immune system.

The selenium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E contribute to the protection of cells against undesirable oxidation. It also contains vitamin A which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and vitamin C that helps in the normal formation of collagen, two essential nutrients to ensure a beautiful skin.

Vitamin D primary function is to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body, providing the raw material for mineralization of the bone.

When to Recommend:
Antioxidant (cell protection against oxidative stress)
Function of the immune system
Skin health (protection against damage induced by UV rays)
Healthy bones
Maintenance of nails and a healthy hair

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