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Revuele Perfect Hair Repair Conditioner Macadamia Oil

Revuele Perfect Hair Repair Conditioner Macadamia Oil

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The conditioner Perfect Hair REPAIR with professional formula helps to intensify the effect of the shampoo, recovers the damaged and exhausted hair, strengthens its structure. The rich formula without silicones evenly smooths the hair without weighing it down, giving it resistance to mechanical and thermal impacts.

• The product significantly reduces brittleness, entanglement and split ends, repairing the hair in depth.
• The conditioner turns the dry, disorderly and dull hair into a flexible, elastic and shining one.
• It improves hair combing by helping to reduce the damage by mechanical factors.
• It reduces the static electricity and fluffiness of the hair.

The Macadamia oil effectively nourishes and fills the hair with moisture, helping for the deep regeneration of its damaged areas. It restores the split ends and gives them softness. The oil protects the hair from adverse environmental factors. The hair becomes silky and well maintained. Biohyaluron actively moisturises and nourishes the hair, helps for maintaining its long-lasting volume, makes it stronger, more flexible and with a healthy shine. Vitamin PP and Wheat Germ Oil create a powerful complex that deeply and intensively regenerates the hair and the damaged by external factors and stress hair follicles.

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