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Revuele Perfect Hair Color Conditioner

Revuele Perfect Hair Color Conditioner

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The conditioner Perfect Hair COLOR with professional formula for dyed and tinted hair helps to intensify the effect of the shampoo. It protects and preserves the deep color and the shine of the hair until the next coloring, protecting it from excessive drying when making the hairstyle. Every day the hair is rich in color and exquisite as after a visit to a hairdresser.

• Preserves the coloring pigments, ensuring color durability.
• Protects the color from loss of shine and shade change after washing and exposure to the sun.
• Recovers structural damage caused by colorants.
• Hair is smoother, softer and more protected.

Collagen effectively protects the color from washing, sealing the pigment inside the hair cuticle. It smooths and thickens the hair, making it stronger, more flexible and full of shine. It helps the filling of porous areas by contributing to the smoothness of the hair and the even distribution of color and shine. The Quinoa Proteins are a unique combination of low molecular amino acids which provides good penetration into the hair structure. They nourish, moisturise and form a protective film. They help to stimulate hair growth, help to prevent split ends. The proteins reduce hair drying both along length and cross-section, add silk gloss and make the hair “obedient”. The Natural Betaine is easily integrated into the hair structure, restores and thickens it. It helps to strengthen the roots, deeply moisturises the hair all over the length, which is important especially for hair exposed to the aggressive effects of external factors. The UV-filter complex prevents the harmful effects of UV rays. It protects the color from fading, preserves the vitality of the tint and reduces excessive drying

250 ml

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