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Frezyderm Nipple Care Emollient Cream-Gel 40 ml

Frezyderm Nipple Care Emollient Cream-Gel 40 ml

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Softening nipple cream that can be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Using the cream during pregnancy prepares the nipples for lactation so that breastfeeding is easy and pain free. The cream has an anti-irritant soothing action that moisturizes and reinforces microcirculation, keeping the skin on the nipples elastic. It does not cause allergies and it does not alter the natural feeling of the nipple for the infant.


Care, protection and treatment of the nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Skin Type: 

All skin types


Pregnancy: Apply onto clean skin twice per day from the fourth month of pregnancy Breastfeeding: Let the nipples dry after breastfeeding then apply the cream with gently moves. No rinse is required for the next breastfeeding


Chamomile Extract | Calendula, Extracts of Centella, Glycyrriza, Oryza

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