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Beurer Air Air washer LW 220 white

Beurer Air Air washer LW 220 white

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Air humidification and air cleaning in one device
Auto-regulating humidification of ambient air by cold evaporation
Cleans air without filter mats: removes dust, pollen, animal hair and odours
Particularly hygienic as no filter mats are used, Fan with 3 performance levels
With water fill level display and auto switch-off, Blue illuminated LCD display
Easy to maintain and uncomplicated – simple disassembly and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Humidification performance for rooms up to: 40 m²
Cleaning performance up to 20 m² (depends on room conditions)
Surface of the humidification discs: 2.5 m², Quiet operation
For usage with external timer
Extremely low power consumption, approx. 2-4-7 watts
Includes 0.2l "BEURER AquaFresh" water additive against bacteria, algae and fungi
Includes 0.25l "BEURER Antical" cleaning additive to descale the humidification discs and the tub, Water quantity: approx. 7.25 l

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