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Revuele Hydralift Hyaluron Moisturizing body lotion

Revuele Hydralift Hyaluron Moisturizing body lotion

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Moisturizing formula is elaborated for intensive nourishing of the body skin. Hyaluronic acid in the composition of the lotion is the most important building material for skin, providing firmness and elasticity. This ingredient promotes fibroblast optimum activity, prevents the loss of vital moisture and enhances natural skin barrier properties. It gives it a taut contour, eliminating wrinkles by activating the rejuvenation process, ensuring the restoration of turgor and skin elasticity. Regular use of the product provides strengthening and extension of the action of cosmetic procedures (peeling, cleansing, nutrition and skin regeneration)

Apply on clean body skin with massage movements as part of your daily beauty routine.

400 ml 

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